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A conference that’s all about passwords, PIN codes, and digital authentication. Passwords are the most prevalent form of authentication in the digital age.

PasswordsCon is the first and only conference of its kind, where leading researchers, password crackers, and experts in password security from around the globe gather in order to better understand the challenges surrounding digital authentication, and how to adequately address them.

While large mainstream conferences tend to focus on current hot topics in the information security industry, PasswordsCon events explore fringe conversations on everything from analysis and education to creating, securing, cracking, and exploiting authentication solutions. And unlike other events where the speaker is rushed in and out, PasswordsCon provides an intimate environment for participants to directly engage speakers before, during, and after their presentations.

Per Thorsheim MODERATOR

Per Thorsheim, Founder & organizer of PasswordsCon

Program for this thematic track


Keynote: Ayesha Khanna, AI-expert

Ayesha Khanna
Hur kan vi bygga smarta städer med hjälp av artificiell intelligens? AI-experten Ayesha Khanna ger konkreta exempel på hur AI kan lösa problem i olika branscher.

On the Security and Privacy of Risk-based Authentication

Risk-based Authentication (RBA) is recommended by NIST (USA) and NCSC (UK) to strengthen password-based authentication against attacks involving stolen passwords, like credential stuffing or password spraying. Large online services already deployed RBA to protect their user base*. Beyond that, users find RBA more usable than 2FA, and equally secure#.

But what about its usability, security, and privacy in practice? We studied RBA on a real-world online service for almost two years to find out more. And yes, we can create a strong, usable, and still more privacy-friendly RBA that complies with the GDPR and CCPA.

Stephan Wiefling

Stephan Wiefling, PhD Student, Data & Application Security Group, H-BRS University of Applied Sciences

Stephan Wiefling is a PhD student in Sankt Augustin, Germany (Data- and Application Security Group, H-BRS). His current research spans areas of Authentication and Usability. Twitter: @SWiefling

Program to be announced shortly

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Program will be announced shortly

Program and speakers will be announced shortly


Keynote: Amy Webb, futurolog

Amy Webb
Pandemin har chockdigitaliserat världen, men vad innebär det? Lyssna på den världsledande futurologen Amy Webb som utifrån stora mängder data ger träffsäkra prognoser om framtiden.


Följ Internetdagarna i sociala medier

Aisha Mossberg och Måns Jonasson i studion från Internetdagarna

This is The Internet Days

The Internet Days is an annual two-day conference organized by The Swedish Internet Foundation. The event is for anyone who wants to expand their digital perspective.

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Monday 22 November

PasswordsCon – day 1

A two day conference that’s all about passwords, PIN codes, and digital authentication. Passwords are the most prevalent form of authentication in the digital age.

Customer reviews

"It's great that you can follow a thematic track and specialize in what you find interesting. The Internet days are for everyone, not just for a specific industry. It's fantastic!"
Porträtt Jenni Laapotti, besökare Internetdagarna
Jenni Laapotti
"The best thing about the Internet Days is the big issues that are being explored, and the different perspectives that are presented at the conference."
Porträtt Innocent Mogenga, besökare Internetdagarna
Innocent Mogenga
"I am so looking forward to visiting the Internet Days again this autumn. The conference contains a really good mix of knowledge from different industries."
Porträtt Pia Nyberg, besökare Internetdagarna
Pia Nyberg
"The best thing about the Internet days is that everyone is here! Everyone who has something to say about the internet, and loves the internet just as much as we do at the Swedish Internet Foundation."
Porträtt av Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder, CISO Internetstiftelsen
Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder
"I've been hanging out here for the last 15 years. There is very, very good content at the conference The Internet days!"
Porträtt Judith Wolst, besökare Internetdagarna
Judith Wolst
"There are so many important issues raised here, so many new things I have not thought of and so many new ideas."
Porträtt Cecilia MoSze Tham, besökare Internetdagarna
Cecilia MoSze Tham
"There are so many passionate people here. And there are many challenges about how we make the internet a place of opportunity and community, and not a place of extremism."
Porträtt danah boyd, besökare Internetdagarna
danah boyd
"The internet days are fantastic because it gathers everything about the internet in two full days!"
Porträtt av Cecilia Victoria Kärrberg, besökare Internetdagarna
Cecilia Victoria Kärrberg
Tre personer som sitter och med bärbar dator utomhus

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