Stockholm Waterfront 25-26 november 2019

Tisdag 20 Nov
Entrepreneurship in an exponential world Arrangör Exponential

We will explore the opportunities that new technologies create as well as understand how we can leverage them in order to create a positive impact in the digital era. New technologies are disrupting the way we work, innovate and interact with each other. The opportunities to make an impact have never been greater - especially for the leaders and innovators who have the courage to embrace the change.

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  • Zeynep Tufekci   Tekniksociolog

    Tekniksociologen Zeynep Tufekci verkar precis där tekniken möter samhället och de aktivister som vill förändra det. Hennes bok Twitter and Tear Gas handlar om hur internet gjorde protesterna under den arabiska våren lättare att organisera men svåra att hålla igång. Hon har flera TED-föredrag i bagaget, en återkommande kolumn i New York Times och är en profilerad kritiker av hur Facebook och Googles plattformar utnyttjades för att välja både Trump och Obama. Läs mer

  • Ben Hammersley   Futurist, journalist mm.

    Ben Hammersley har många strängar på sin lyra och kan titulera sig som skapare av ordet podcast, teknikexpert, författare, programledare, futurist, journalist med mera. Med sitt charmiga och kvicka sätt trollbinder Ben publiken när han pratar om effekterna av den digitala tidsåldern vi lever i och maktskiftet det inneburit. Läs mer


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Thinking Big – Connecting the natural elements Läs mer

Learn how technologies are enabling us to unlock the potential of our natural resources and how they are enabling us to drive sustainable innovation with the planet's long-term benefit in mind.


  • Robin Teigland   Robin Teigland (Ph.D.) is Professor of Management of Digitalization at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.

    Her research resides at the intersection of strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and her primary focus is on how digitalization and the convergence of disruptive technologies, e.g., artificial intelligence, IoT, smart robots, blockchains, 3D printing, virtual reality, are influencing labor and value creation in society. She currently leads the Peniche Ocean Watch Project in Portugal, focused on enabling an ocean-based circular economy. Läs mer

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Scaling Impact Läs mer

Explore how to move from an idea to a startup, driving change and scaling your impact effectively.


  • Hanna Lindquist   Communications & Customer Growth Manager Trine

    Hanna Lindquist joined TRINE in October 2015 when the startup was about to launch its first loan. She has a background from working within civil society and politics with brand development, community building and influencing public opinion. Since 2015 the investment platform TRINE offers has over 6500 investors who's financed almost €9 million into off-grid solar energy. TRINE aims to provide at least 66 million people with access to clean energy by 2022 through their investment platform. Läs mer

  • Anna Malkan   VP of Sales Volumental

    Anna Ultvedt Malkan is Volumental's VP of Sales and leads an international team based in Stockholm that frequently travels to more than 20 countries to scale Volumental international. As one of Volumental's earliest employees, Anna has been key to Volumental's growth, from early prototypes of 3D scanning to today, with over 5000 people using Volumental's products every day. Anna has a background in international sales in the FMCG sector and holds a masters from the Stockholm School of Economics and a BA from Columbia University in New York. Läs mer


Plats A1 kongresshallen, auditorium, vån 4 Språk English Permalänk



  • Tricia Wang   Tekniketnolog

    Termen ”Big Data” har under senare år seglat upp som ett riktigt buzzword och utmålas som räddningen för alla företag. Tricia Wang menar att detta inte är hela sanningen och har därför myntat begreppet Thick Data, eller tät data, det vill säga mänskliga erfarenheter och kunskap som inte går att kvantifiera. Tricia Wang är en etnolog som har specialiserat sig i det tekniska landskapet och är medgrundare till både Sudden Compass och Magpie Kingdom. Läs mer

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Leading in a Digital World Läs mer

Embrace the digital revolution, explore the future of skills and organizations and find out how to successfully lead in the digital era.


  • Claudia Olsson   Founder & CEO Exponential AB, Young Global Leader World Economic Forum

    Claudia Olsson is the CEO and Founder of Exponential AB, a global education company specialized in providing strategic advice, analysis and professional development related to the digital transformation. Her work focuses on the impact of new technologies on citizens, society, and global markets. Claudia has also co-founded Decoding X - the leading executive program related to digital transformation at Stockholm School of Economics as well as Swedish for Professionals - the innovative language training company in Sweden. Läs mer

  • Sofie Lindblom   Managing Director and Co-Founder of ideation360, Former Global Manager for Innovation Spotify

    Sofie’s expertise lies in turning complex challenges into concrete plans for organizations to create value value and take the lead in their respective industries. Sofie is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of ideation360, a subsidiary to Innovation360 with the mission to empower organizations to innovate through modern methods and platforms. She also plays an active role at Innovation360 as Chief Evangelist. With a Master in Engineering and Media Technology she has a big passion for technology and is active in the work to increase diversity in this field. Läs mer


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The User in focus Läs mer

Discover how innovation and digital technologies can help you improve user experiences and learn more about how you can create a space where humans and technology come together.


  • Elinor Samuelsson   Co-founder The Kokon

    Elinor Samuelsson is known for her emotionally driven user experiences that draw inspiration from ecosystems, quantum physics and Buddhist philosophy. Elinor is the co-founder of the tech startup, the Kokon, where she experiments with responsive environments in the office to prevent chronic stress. Their meditative relaxation chair, the Kokon Pod, has been seen in New York and Scandinavia at leading companies such as WeWork, Singularity University and Lululemon. Läs mer

  • Elena Malakhatka   PhD Researcher

    My name is Elena Malakhatka. I have two MSc degrees (KTH 'Industrial engineering & management' and RSU 'Industrial energy efficiency'). After three years of work in the various energy companies with the business model improvement, I have made the decision come back to science and start my research in the area 'Big data and business models'. Läs mer

  • Rapelang Rabana   Founder & Chair Rekindle Learning, Young Global Leader of World Economic Forum

    Founder and Chair of Rekindle Learning, a dynamic learning tech company that provides smart learning applications that improve learning outcomes for both corporates and academia. Rekindle Learning was profiled in the McKinsey Lions go Digital report as a striking innovation in mobile learning. She is also a Partner at private equity firm, Nisela Capital. Graduated with BBusSci (Hons Comp. Sci) from University of Cape Town. Läs mer