23-24 november 2020

Organized by Internetstiftelsen, 25 november 2019:

Nordic Domain Days: Business

Rum C3, plan 2

An update from the Nordic country code top-level domain names, and the domain names industry.

Nordic Domain Days is the Nordic domain industry conference. We gather registries, registrars, resellers and vendors from the business for two days of seminars and networking. As per tradition, the first day deals with business topics such as the use of business intelligence and policy topics such as data validation versus ease of acquisition and use. The second day is a technical deep dive into the territory of DNS, the backbone of our industry.

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  • danah boyd

    danah boyd   Sociala medier-expert

    danah boyd är expert på nätbaserad ungdomskultur och hur vi använder sociala medier, hon forskar i skärningspunkten mellan teknik, samhälle och politik. Läs mer


Nordic Domain Names

As per tradition, Nordic Domain Days will officially start with an update from the Nordic country code top-level domain names. Leaders from the hubs of the domain name business in each country share their insights and peer into the future.

  • Jakob Bring Truelsen

    CEO, DK-Hostmaster (.dk)
  • Juhani Juselius

    Chief Specialist

    Juselius holds M.Sc. in engineering and he has worked for the ICT sector since 1995 including major Nordic companies like Fortum and Telia. Läs mer

  • Danny Aerts

    Vd, Internetstiftelsen

    Danny Aerts är vd för Internetstiftelsen. Han är ursprungligen från Nederländerna och kom till Sverige i mitten av 1990-talet. Läs mer

Using the data, Results of Business Intelligence

For the last couple of years, the use of data and business intelligence has made its way into the domain name industry, and it's been the talk of the town at one conference after another. But what are the results? Let's sit back and listen to some stores of success or failure.

  • Varun Punjabi

    Channel Manager (Europe), Radix

    Varun Punjabi is the Channel Manager for Europe at Radix, the registry of new gTLDs such as .online and .store.

  • Steinar Grøtterød

    Senior Consultant, RegistryOffice AS

    Steinar Grøtterød has more than two decades experience with management positions in companies connected to the Internet and Internet services. Today he is a Senior Consultant at RegistryOffice AS Läs mer


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  • David Rowan

    David Rowan   Teknologiguru

    David Rowan har varit chefredaktör för den brittiska upplagan av teknikmagasinet Wired, och är expert på tekniktrender och företagsinnovation. Läs mer

Panel: What happened to ease of aquisition?

Early on it was identified that the product we are trying to sell is somewhat hard to understand. Ease of acquisition was identified as the key to success. Getting a domain name had to be as easy as creating a social media account.

With registrant data validation making its entry into the domain name business during the last few years these old facts of life seem to have been all but forgotten as more and more top-level domain names makes it harder and hard to register and keep a domain name.

Is there a balance between the "need" to validate and the "ease" of being a registrant?

What value does across the board validation have is there is no board to validate?

  • Gianni Ponzi

    Manager of Channel Services, Public Interest Registry

    Manager of Channel Services at Public Interest Registry.

  • Kristian Ørmen

    Domain Specialist, Larsen Data

    Domain Specialist at Larsen Data.

  • Lars-Göran Forsberg

    Registry Product Manager, Internetstiftelsen

    Lars-Göran "LG" Forsberg is the Registry Product Manager at Internetstiftelsen. He has been working in the domain name industry for close to 20 years, both on the registrar as well as the registry side. Today he manages the relationship with registrars and oversees product development. Läs mer

  • Vuksan Rajkovic

    Business Development, .ME

    Business development at .ME Registry


Additional Services: Registry Diversification done right!

For the last couple of years its been viewed as the fact that the domain name business is in decline, or at least that the growth is pretty much gone. This fact sent a horde of country code and generical top-level domain names into crunch-mode for diversification, for additional revenue streams and for ways of maintaining financial growth even if the domain name side of things no longer grew. During this session, we look at the results of this. What services have surfaced? How successful are they? Are there additional revenue streams for a registry to be had? And, what do the registrars think about all this?

  • Dave Chiswell

    VP, product development, Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)

    Dave Chiswell leads CIRA’s ideation and launch of new product and service offerings that are complementary to its core registration service. In this role he is responsible for the CIRA’s diversification strategy and accountable for its success, as measured by new revenue as well as mission impact.

  • Andreas Musielak

    Chief Operating Officer, DENIC

    Andreas Musielak is COO and member of the board of DENIC eG, the managing organisation of Germany’s ccTLD .de. In this role, he has been responsible for Finance and Legal as well as all Member and End Customer Services since 2014.

To be announced!

The domain name business is young and ever-changing! What would a conference be without the latest news? Stay tuned to learn more about what hides in this last session of the day!

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  • Max Schrems

    Max Schrems   Integritetsaktivist

    Max Schrems har utmanat nätjätten Facebook och ifrågasatt deras insamling av data från sina användare bland annat genom initiativ som "None of Your Business". Läs mer

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