Stockholm Waterfront 25-26 november 2019

Måndag 20 Nov
Nordic Domain Days – Day 1 Arrangör Internetstiftelsen

Nordic Domain Days is a domain industry event with a focus on the communication between registry, registrars, reseller and service provider, mainly in the nordic region but with an international reach. Meet and network with your peers, hang out with some of the greatest minds from around the industry and listen to engaging speakers talking about the current key issues of the domain name business.

During our two days they will touch on subjects such as the nordic domain name markets, the secondary uses of domain names, the potential second round of new GTLDs, GDPR and much more.

All presentations from both days can be found here.

Hashtagg: #NDD17

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The Secondary Markets Läs mer

The secondary markets surrounding the domain name business are ever evolving but are premium names worth the investment? Are domain names in SEO alive and kicking? Does traffic still pay off? Can you make a living in PPC? The market trends, with 2017 bringing back growth in the area, support that some of these practices still see business but why not ask the people involved.


  • Rickard Vikström   Chairman of the board, Polar Bear Group

    Rickard Vikström is a serial entrepreneur focusing on tech heavy B2B companies. Rickard has built Internet Vikings and the Polar Bear group to become the largest player only focusing on helping SEO specialist on domain and hosting. Läs mer

  • Kalin Karakehayov   CO-Founder, Tool Domains

    Kalin has 10 years of experience in SEO and link building. In the recent years as founder of the Tool.Domains startup he specializes in identifying, evaluating and dropcatching good expiring domains for SEO purposes. Läs mer

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Industry Key Issues Läs mer

The domain name community at large has always been quite adept at discussing its key issues, at length. But, what are these key issues right now? And, what is the next logical step in furthering these discussion, and the business as a whole. A second round anyone?


  • Aysegul Tekce   Registry Services & Engagement Manager, ICANN

    With her over 10 years of Content Management experience in the Internet industry, Aysegul joined ICANN in May 2014 as Registry Services and Engagement Manager. Läs mer


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Business Intelligence in the domain name business Läs mer

Being an internet based, digital only business often means that statistics is plentiful and based on facts rather than polls, surveys and other means of gathering that can be manipulated by external factors. But, what is the domain name business doing with these facts? Which facts are interesting? And, what facts are there out there that no one is using? Taking statistics to the level of business intelligence is a trip many has yet to take so why not stay a while and find out what is out there!


  • Daniel Ruzzini Mejia   Co-founder and CSO, Domainsbot (IT)

    Daniel Ruzzini-Mejia is co-founder and CSO of DomainsBot, the industry’s only provider of domain suggestion services. Passioned about data science and the Internet name space, Daniel is also the creative force behind the Domainsbot API, which is in its 8th year and is in use by every major registrar and their partners. Läs mer

  • Marc Noët   CEO, Dataprovider

    Marc Noët is CEO and Co-Founder of, the leading data company on structured web data. Dataprovider indexes and structures the web since 2008 to help you gain insights about companies and usage. Läs mer