Stockholm Waterfront 25-26 november 2019

Måndag 19 Nov
Nordic Domain Days: Domain Name Business Arrangör Internetstiftelsen

Nordic Domain Days is a domain industry event with a focus on the communication between registry, registrars, reseller and service provider, mainly in the nordic region but with an international reach. Meet and network with your peers, hang out with some of the greatest minds from around the industry and listen to engaging speakers talking about the current key issues of the domain name business.

During our two days they will touch on subjects such as the nordic domain name markets, the secondary uses of domain names, the potential second round of new GTLDs, GDPR and much more.

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  • Ed Cooke   Minnesmästare

    Ed Cooke är en minnesexpert av rang och grundare till den kritikerrosade och prisvinnande minnesappen Memrise. Med stor entusiasm och humor visar Cooke att minnestekniker är långt ifrån tråkiga, istället uppmuntrar de till lekfullhet, fantasi och kreativitet. Appen Memrise har för närvarande över 25 miljoner användare. Läs mer

  • Cathryn Posey

    Med mycket hjärta och skärpa pratar Cathryn Posey om att skapa en mer inkluderande teknikbransch. Hon är grundare till Tech by Superwomen som jobbar för att förändra kulturen inom teknikvärlden så att den blir lika mångfacetterad som resten av världen. För närvarande är Posey teknisk chef och huvudansvarig för framväxande teknik hos Capital One. Läs mer


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Nordic Domain Names Läs mer

Continuing our tradition of paying homage to the region that is the focus of the Nordic Domain Days we invite the Nordic country code top level domain names to the stage for a look at their future.


  • Juhani Juselius   Chief Specialist

    Juselius holds M.Sc. in engineering and he has worked for the ICT sector since 1995 including major Nordic companies like Fortum and Telia. Since 2004 Juselius has been involved in .FI ccTLD operations at Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. Juselius has been elected into several board and other high level positions in the leading associations of the ICT industry including CENTR and ICANN. At the moment Juselius is chairing ISOC Finland chapter. Läs mer

  • Danny Aerts   Vd på IIS

    Danny Aerts är vd för Internetstiftelsen. Han är ursprungligen från Nederländerna och kom till Sverige i mitten av 1990-talet. När Danny Aerts 2006 tog över rodret på Internetstiftelsen lämnade han sin position som vd för internetportalen Spray. Han har tidigare arbetat på flera telekomföretag, som Unisource Mobile, Telia och PTT Telecom. Danny Aerts har examen från Utrechts universitet där han studerade ekonomisk geografi. Läs mer

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What way was the right way? GDPR in retrospect Läs mer

After may 25th, the day GDPR came into effect, it has become clear that everyone does this in their own way. Let’s take a look at what has happened since and if it can tell us which way was the right way.


  • Ashley La Bolle

    Ashley La Bolle is the Managing Director of EPAG Domainservices GmbH, a wholesale domain registrar located in Germany and part of Tucows. In 2010, after completing her degree in International Relations at the University of Idaho in the US, Ashley joined MarkMonitor and started working in the domain industry. Läs mer


  • Elisabeth Ekstrand   Head of Legal and Policy, IIS

    Elisabeth ensures that all of IIS areas of operation comply with the relevant legislation, including the Foundation Act, the National Top-Level Domains for Sweden on the Internet Act and the Personal Data Act. Läs mer

  • Alexander Porsman   senior legal advisor at DK Hostmaster

    Alexander works as a senior legal advisor at DK Hostmaster, the administrator of .dk domain names. Alexander also functions as the company's privacy officer and manages its data protection compliance program. Läs mer

  • Thomas Rickert   Director Names & Numbers Forum

    Lawyer Thomas Rickert is the Managing Partner of Rickert Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (, which specializes in the legal issues of the digital economy. Läs mer


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  • Max Tegmark

    När Max Tegmark talar om sam- och framtiden är det lätt att tro att han förväxlat verkligheten med någon obskyr science fiction-litteratur. Han är känd för sina kontroversiella teorier om parallella universum och artificiell intelligens. Han är professor i astrofysik och sedan 1990 är han verksam i USA, där han för närvarande arbetar på MIT, Massachusetts Intitute of Technology i Boston. Läs mer

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How GDPR affected UDRP and URS Läs mer

There is not a single part of the domain name business not affected by GDPR. In this session, Europe's only URS provider takes us through what changed on May 25th.

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Issues and challenges impacting domain name registrants Läs mer

Leveraging data from various sources within the ICANN organisation, this presentation will shed light on some common issues and challenges that registrants are having managing their domain names.


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Usage equals loyalty? Läs mer

A common conception of the domain name and hosting business is that a product in use means the customer is loyal and the chance of renewal is higher. But, is there statistics to support this? And, have registries and registrars successfully managed to affect this with target activities?


  • Francesco Cetraro   Director, Business Development – Europe, Afilias (IE/SE)

    A geek with over 10 years of experience in the domain and hosting industry, Francesco was most recently responsible for bringing the .CLOUD domain extension to market. The .CLOUD launch was one of the most successful to date, with broad media exposure and over 100.000 names sold in the first year. Läs mer

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The value of a domain name Läs mer

In an age of acquisition and consolidation, the value of a domain name and a customer is a question that many in the business ask themselves. What is the value of these things and what are the parameters that affect it. Let's take a look into the world not often shared and have masters of the trade teach us a thing or two!