23-24 november 2020

Greger Blennerud Head of Marketing – Mobile Broadband at Ericsson

Greger Blennerud has the global Marketing responsibility for the area Mobile Broadband within Ericsson. He has been engaged in Business Development activities within the area of Mobile Broadband since 2007. Greger has a broad background in telecom, ranging from Hardware Design, Software development starting back in 1989.

He has also been doing Corporate Business Intelligence work as well as held several managerial positions in Commercial Management as well as Business and Sales Management. Greger Blennerud holds a degree in Business Economics from Uppsala University (Sweden)

Areas of Expertise:

  • Mobile Broadband – Business Strategies
  • Consumer Understanding Mobile Internet
  • Segmentation and Differentiation


Greger Blennerud var med som talare på ett tidigare Internetdagarna