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23-24 november 2020

Köp nu

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School revolution in Sweden

Nowadays it is not news that youngsters are naturally interested in computers and the Internet, but Digital Natives need some guidance to be able to develop a productive relationship to the technology they are in contact with. .SE started a project called Webbstjärnan – ”The Web Star”,  with the objective to educate high school students on how to work with the Internet . Students were taught web publishing techniques, methods for writing for the web and also guidelines on copyright laws and integrity issues. In addition to learning how to publish their own content on the Internet, the students took part in a large contest engaging 769 schools in the country – Webstjärnan.

Kristina Höök, a professor in DSV has created a new  concept called  Datorslöjd “Computer crafts”. She performed experiments with a group of students, using a series of techniques. One of the experiments included ”Pervasive Game”, with help of Augmented Reality.

Role Playing Game with Augmented Reality

The students and a teacher took part in a kind of role playing game, using mobile phones and Augmented Reality. The students were active, running up and down trying to solve the tasks that were being presented. It was a very interactive and corporal game, where a lot of students took part simultaneously in outdoor life, having as much or much more fun as if they were sitting by the computer alone at home.

Mobile Phone TV production

Another experiment involved the creation of a TV program that was filmed and edited with the help of regular mobile phones. What is interesting in these projects is that they don’t require a lot of money to create engaging and entertaining opportunities for interaction and learning.