Domain auction for Haiti aid – Internetdagarna .FILE
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23-24 november 2020

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Endast 500 kr/dag (exkl. moms)

Domain auction for Haiti aid

Peter Forsman (Internetsweden) – you and Miss Domain are the brains behind starting a collection of domains to be auctioned off as a benefit for Haiti. How did you come up with this idea?

I got the idea for a domain auction benefiting Haiti (through UNICEF) late one night after thinking about how domain owners and the domain business in general could help the sufferers in Haiti. So many other businesses are collecting money, so ours should be able to participate as well.

I contacted Björn Hansson from, we started tossing my ideas around and he thought it was a good thing that he wanted to help out with, so we started it off as a private initiative by donating some of our own domains and ask everybody and anybody out there with domains to give away to join us.

What has happened since this all began?

A lot! When Björn published the information about the auction I wrote an entry on my blog about the auction and after that we’ve had lots of buzz on Twitter and comments on the blog and in forums. The initiative is very appreciated and a lot of people have come forward with domain donations of their own, so the list of domains being auctioned off is growing every day.

How many domains do you think will be auctioned off?

It is very difficult to guess, and I think it ultimately depends on how many people we can reach with news about the auction. But only a few days after launching the page there are about 100 domains there, with around ten more waiting to be listed, and that’s more than I ever hoped for. There are also a few of the domains that have to be regarded as very good domains. But to give you an estimate, I am hoping for around 250 domains in all. It will be possible to keep donating domains until February 4th, and the auction starts February 5th at noon, CET.

Is there any domain in there that you would to buy yourself?

No, although there are some good domains there, I am currently putting all my time and energy into my work at .SE Registry and my blog I don’t want more domains than I can  handle.

Are you aiming for a certain amount of money, or will you just be happy for every cent raised?

My hope is really only that it will make some difference and that we will be noticed, so every donated domain and every bid on these domains are important, of course. To put a monetary goal on this auction feels unecessary, but I think we will all be surprised!

What will UNICEF do with the money?

That part I am not involved with myself, but I know that MissDomain have been in contact with UNICEF, which expressed their gratitude over our initiative. How UNICEF chooses to use the extra money being donated from this auction to help Haiti I’ll leave up to them to decide. I have full confidence in UNICEF and that they know best how to be helpful.

What would you like to say to somebody out there who has one or more domains they feel they don’t really need?

Yes, of course I could just implore everyone to add their domains to the auction, but we are all different. One thing I think is important to think about is how likely it is that I will do something useful with a domain within one or two years. In my case this led to my donating domains to this auction, but this is a choice everyone must make for themselves. I think it is important that it feels right.

If you would like to support this cause, please email before February 4:th. The auctions will last for 7 days starting from Friday, February 5th 12:00 with a staring bid of at least €20.

The following domains have been donated so far:


Björn Hansson: (website PR4)
affä (

Fredrik Näs – Domainz:

Interlan Gefle AB:
brandvä (

Jobba i Oslo:

Jim Westergren:


City Network:


Måns Jonasson:

Jonny Elofsson:

Lasse & Kristina Hansen:

Jakob Svensson: (website)


Andreas Johansson:

For each .se-domain that is voluntary donated for the auction, the Swedish registry .SE, will donate 80 SEK. With a maximum limit of 8000 SEK (~800€) (maximum 100 .se-domains).