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23-24 november 2020

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Geek Girl Meetup 2!

Geek Girl Meetup 2 will be held October 24-25 in Stockholm. GGM is a gathering and a conference for women interested in technology, web, social media, entrepreneurship and other geekery. This time I will not miss it! I asked the organizers, Heidi Harman and Andie Nordgren a few questions.

Hello Andie and Heidi! This is the second time around for Geek Girl Meetup, what is new this time?

We’re bigger! A week after releasing the sign-up form we already have over 100 participants registered. The first event proved the concept and the need for this type of meetup, and we’re really looking forward to meeting all the great geek girls out there. We’re also doing a Geek Girl Challenge as part of the event, where you can take the opportunity and all the knowledge at the event to launch a website or service. This is of course inspired by events like 24 hour business camp which several geek girls have attended, and we think the format really works. Geek Girl Meetup is also a kind of cross-over between conference and unconference – all the talks and sessions are made by the participants, but we work hard with the programme to prepare some kick-ass sessions on a wide variety of geek topics.

Do you have any interesting sessions coming up?

Absolutely. There will be sessions on development tools like Django, Google App Engine, Flash, version control, WordPress and Drupal. There will also be sessions showcasing interesting projects people are working on, and discussions on things like the gaming industry and social media.

Is it true that the meeting already overbooked?

Yes! Last time we had about 50 participants, and this time we thought we’d just double that. We already have more than a 100 sign-ups, and new registrations now end up on the waiting list. But there’s still very good chances to get in on the event, especially if you want to do a talk or session!

Is there any way participate in GGM online?

Yes! If you can’t attend, or just want to follow the action, there will be backchannels on services like Twitter, and a number of sessions will be live streamed to Bambuser.

I hear rumors that you have your own fanclub?

Haha, yes. Last time we had a fan club of boys from the Swedish Internet scene sponsor the food at the after party to support the meetup. That was very sweet, and same as last time the Geek Girl Meetup party will be open to all geek girls and their fans.

Finally, in your opinion, what is the best thing happening on the Internet right now?

The community! We’re seeing so many great things happening when people come together to create both online and offline meetups, services and projects.

Fotograf: Carola Björk