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23-24 november 2020

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When marketing goes mobile

The session about mobile marketing was kind of surprising to me. Maybe I ´ve been so much into the mobile world that I got a tunnel vision and did not notice that there is actually lots of companies that still are not aware of the importance of creating marketing tailored for the mobile nowadays.

The discussion panel was formed by : Fredrick Tallroth, Senior Manager Interactive Marketing, Absolut Vodka, Joel Bergqvist, Konceptutvecklare, Daytona Communication, Johanna Johansson, Affärsutvecklare Telenor/Styrelseordförande IAB Sverige, Jimmy Nordbeck, Marketing Director, Golden Gekko and Katarina Chowra, CEO, Manna från himlen

Some of the advices the speakers shared with us came from their own experiences. It was presented cases illustrating how the marketing departments could take advantage of the new channel.

Fredrick Tallroth, Marketing departments:

– Although there is a uncountable possibilities in this channel you should not do anything! Neither one of the participants in the panel does! You could get drowned otherwise. You should not present the entire assortment, just give the inspiration.

Katarina Chowra:

– The key to a successful mobile marketing campaign is to make your offer on the right time, to the right person in the right moment, for example: “If you send an offer of a free dinner on a restaurant that is 100 meter away from a person that usually have problems to come up with a good dinner recipe maybe a good idea, but if you send the same offering from the restaurant in Gotemburg to a person living in Stockholm, while he/she is actually there is #fail.

Fredrik Nyström, Founder, Plusfoursix:

Marketing suggest that they should try to research this new media channel and discover the innumerous possibilities it can give, but use it with care, because although the future of mobile marketing is bright and tends to grow, if not bigger, just as big as in the traditional Internet, it is important to build a richer relation with the costumers so that they can choose what they want to receive or not from your brand advertisement. So don’t make the mistake of spamming your costumers!

After the discussions on the panel was it time for the audience to make some questions. One question was about if there were for public institutions on this new channel.

Jimmy Nordbeck, Marketing Director, Golden Gekko answered that there is so much information that could be given via mobile phone, for example it is definitely attractive to the “digital natives” to be able to receive information related to conferences, school programs and other stuff.