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23-24 november 2020

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Martin Källström CEO, Narrative. Tidigare medgrundare och VD på Twingly samt Memoto.

Martin is the founder and CEO of Narrative, the Stockholm startup developing the world's smallest lifelogging camera. He is an experienced entrepreneur and technologist, thinker and tinkerer. The past decade was a period of transformation for him. Since both his parents passed away in cancer and his two daughters came into his life, he realized how much value there is in the small everyday moments that ties our lives together. This realization paired with his view on life that anything is possible if you put your heart into it, was the igniting spark behind Memoto.

His previous company is Twingly, which was a revolution in the European blogosphere when it launched in 2006, bridging the gap between blogs and new media and the old, thought to be dead newspapers. The social media search engine now feeds social media data to many international media monitoring companies while still being a strong democratization platform by providing newspaper readers with the in-depth conversations from the blogosphere.

Martin’s mantra in life is to strive to create value rather than success. With the upcoming launch of Narrative, thousands of people are now looking forward to see how their lives will be transformed by the advent of the world’s smallest lifelogging camera.


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