Aisha och Måns, konfrencierer på Internetdagarna håller ett hjärta mellan sig.

The Internet Days

The Internet Days is an annual two-day conference organized by The Swedish Internet Foundation. The event is for anyone who wants to expand their digital perspective.

The Internet Days is Sweden's most important conference about internet and the impact that digitalization has on society.

Listen to world-leading speakers and get inspired by various focus areas during the conference.

The Internet Days 2023

How are unfair algorithms affecting you and why is it essential to regain control of our digital lives? How do we distinguish between fact and fiction on Youtube? Can AI help us save the climate? Discover what the future holds with four remarkable speakers at The Internet Days 2023.

Main speakers 2023

  • Sasha Luccioni – AI and climate
    Sasha Luccioni is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of ethical artificial intelligence, examining how AI technology can be used in a way that upholds basic human rights, protects privacy and promotes ecological sustainability. Join Sasha Luccioni as she provides insight into the interplay between artificial intelligence and the environment. Read more about Sasha Luccioni (in Swedish).
  • Ann Reardon – exposing dangerous and misleading viral scams on Youtube
    Ann Reardon, food scientist and dietician, has achieved success through establishing a renowned baking channel on YouTube. In recent years, this highly popular channel has shifted to debunk inaccurate information. She exposes content farms and dangerous, misleading viral claims to her millions of subscribers. Read more about Ann Reardon (in Swedish).
  • Abeba Birhane – why ethical AI matters to you
    Abeba Birhane is a prominent researcher in cognitive behavioral science and computer science, specializing in the intersection between people, society and technology. Take part in The Internet Days and find out more about the risks of algorithmic bias and automation. Read more about Abeba Birhane (in Swedish).
  • Cory Doctorow – seizing the power of the internet
    Cory Doctorow, activist, author and journalist, is one of the leading voices in digital rights on the internet. What happens if the corporate interests of platform companies are at odds with societal or human needs? In this talk, Cory Doctorow explains why it is essential for users to take control of their digital lives. Read more about Cory Doctorow (in Swedish).

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