Stockholm Waterfront 23-24 november 2020

Amanda Smith Senior Consultant and Head of Partnerships

Amanda is a senior consultant, innovation lead and head of partnerships at the Open Data Institute. Her experience in open data and innovation, digital transformation and culture change helps people to make better use of data and technology.

Amanda works with corporates and governments across the world and across multiple sectors and industries. She provides consultancy services including data strategy and policy, training and facilitation, programme management, product development and content creation. She has trained leaders from 30+ countries. Amanda is the winner of the first Bloomberg WISE Open Technology award from HRH Princess Royal for her contributions in data and technology across Europe. As a criminologist, she started her career in roles across policing and government, and developed the World’s first open crime and justice website and data platform: and She has been honoured with the pretegious Chief Constab le commendation three times.


Amanda Smith var med som talare på ett tidigare Internetdagarna