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23-24 november 2020

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Andreas Kennemar Co-founder, KnCMiner

As co-founder at one of the fastest growing new-economy companies in the world, Andreas has to navigate unfamiliar territories. This includes everything from curious governments to the intricate implications of supplying a significant portion of the machines actually running this new online economy.

Andreas has more than 15 years of experience from technical implementations and administration of complex system/application environments from the banking IT sector.

As head of one the most influential companies in the space Andreas is wanted all over the world for speaking engagements and participation in digital currency meet-ups and conferences. He dedicates his time to evolving and expanding the Bitcoin economy.

KnCMiner AB is a world-leading specialist of proven extreme-performance cryptocurrency products and services. We deliver state-of-the-art chip design and software for blockchain-based applications and cryptocurrency mining, including mining hardware, cloud services and a mobile Bitcoin wallet at


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