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23-24 november 2020

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Barbara Bermes Senior Product Manager, Mobile at Mozilla

Barbara is a happy senior product manager for Firefox Mobile, focusing on Android and any cross-platform initiative to make the web win and fast! Previously, she worked as senior architect and performance advocate at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) where she focused on mobile web development and performance optimization.

Barbara is an international speaker, a book author, a contributor to jsmanners and the organizer of the Toronto Web Performance Meetup Group in Canada.

Barbara recently published her first book ”Lean Websites”. Her talk focuses on one of the most important chapters of the book called ”Performance Cheat Sheet”, a set of about dozen exercises to guide you in practicing web performance. Barbara believes that the more frequently you apply these tips, the better you’ll get at mastering performance issues and creating fast, and lean websites

Join Barbara’s talk to learn more about these tips, as well as the performance point system, and how to split your website into measurable performance modules.


Barbara Bermes var med som talare på ett tidigare Internetdagarna