23-24 november 2020

Caroline Hunt-Matthes Adjunct Professor

Caroline Hunt-Matthes is a human rights lawyer by training, currently an adjunct professor in Media Law & Corporate Ethics at Grenoble Business School and Webster University Geneva. She dedicated her early career to the provision of legal services for poor communities in the UK and justice reform in the USA.

She subsequently served as a United Nations staff member for 15 years including as a civilian UN peacekeeper with the first United Nations Transitional Administration in the Former Yugoslavia and the pioneering United Nations human rights field mission to Rwanda in 1994.

UN whistleblower  who spear headed the pioneering legal challenge of the UN Ethics Office. She currently trains pre-deployment peacekeepers to UN peacekeeping missions.

Caroline wears several hats in the Geneva region in addition to Faculty positions. She is a trustee and advisor to think tanks on Privacy Protection, whistle blower protection and the ”Rights of Nature”.


Caroline Hunt-Matthes var med som talare på ett tidigare Internetdagarna