Stockholm Waterfront 25-26 november 2019

Daniel Ruzzini Mejia Co-founder and CSO, Domainsbot (IT)

Daniel Ruzzini-Mejia is co-founder and CSO of DomainsBot, the industry’s only provider of domain suggestion services. Passioned about data science and the Internet name space, Daniel is also the creative force behind the Domainsbot API, which is in its 8th year and is in use by every major registrar and their partners.

DomainsBot focuses on creating products that allow registrars and registries to expand and directly target their client base as well as to learn more about user behavior. DomainsBot’s most recent product, the TLD Recommendation Engine, is a tool for registries to market directly to the end user through the registrar channel.


Daniel Ruzzini Mejia var med som talare på ett tidigare Internetdagarna