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23-24 november 2020

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Elena Malakhatka PhD Researcher

My name is Elena Malakhatka. I have two MSc degrees (KTH 'Industrial engineering & management' and RSU 'Industrial energy efficiency'). After three years of work in the various energy companies with the business model improvement, I have made the decision come back to science and start my research in the area 'Big data and business models'.

My research aimed to find new and sustainable business models to make sense of big data and improved energy performance of buildings. KTH Live-in-Lab will be my first big case. It will be built as a well-instrumented laboratory facility enabling collection of all kind of data concerning building performance and resident’s behavior. At the initial stage, these data can be linked to the business processes. Subsequently, it is planned to create a dynamic interconnection between the data and the business model.


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