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23-24 november 2020

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Elinor Samuelsson Co-founder The Kokon

Elinor Samuelsson is known for her emotionally driven user experiences that draw inspiration from ecosystems, quantum physics and Buddhist philosophy. Elinor is the co-founder of the tech startup, the Kokon, where she experiments with responsive environments in the office to prevent chronic stress. Their meditative relaxation chair, the Kokon Pod, has been seen in New York and Scandinavia at leading companies such as WeWork, Singularity University and Lululemon.

The Kokon Pod helps the brain recover from stress in 7 minutes through sound, scent, vibration and hanging position. Elinor’s background lies in User Experience Design, where she works with emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Biotech, Robotics, IoT and Computer Vision. Elinor will share how she uses technology and science in her creative process to develop user experiences that help us feel good.


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