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23-24 november 2020

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Jonas Birgersson CEO Labs2 International / Chairman ViaEuropa

Studied military history, GIS-systems & military intelligence theory. Global Leader of Tomorrow & Tech Pioneer at the World Economic Forum. Recipient of awards. Mr. Birgersson is founder & CEO Labs2 International, chairman for ViaEuropa International, the worlds first OSEO and created the worlds first "open gigabit". He is a frequent speaker on topics related to Internet & broadband.

Currently building the national Open Gigabit Network in Israel and recently launched VE in Germany & Austria.


• Serial entrepreneur in the telecom, Internet and broadband services
• Co-founder of the Swedish broadband ISP, Bredbandsbolaget (sold to Telenor for $1b in 2005)
• Co-founder of Internet consultancy Framfab (IPO in 1999 with €4b market cap)
• Co-founder of RELAKKS, the leading Scandinavian provider of anonymous IP


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