Stockholm Waterfront 23-24 november 2020

Nurani Nimpuno Head of Outreach and Communications, Netnod

Nurani is the Head of Outreach and Communications at Netnod and also represents the organisation externally in Internet policy and Internet governance matters.

She is deeply involved with Internet policy and Internet governance issues nationally as well as globally, and works on a broader level with Internet operational matters, including Internet exchange points, DNS and DNS root servers.

Nurani currently serves as vice chair of the CRISP team in the IANA Stewardship transition, the team responsible for developing the proposal within the Number community.

Nurani has been active in the Internet technical community for a decade and a half. She has extensive experience in community-driven, consensus-based decision-making, and has been an active member in the RIPE policy making processes since the late 90s. She is a frequent speaker at various Internet conferences, where she talks about Internet infrastructure, interconnectivity, peering and traffic exchange, DNS (including DNS anycast services and DNS root servers), Internet resource policy and Internet governance.


Nurani Nimpuno var med som talare på ett tidigare Internetdagarna