Stockholm Waterfront 25-26 november 2019

Paul Vixie Internet Pioneer (US)

Paul Vixie founded a handful of Internet related companies and projects including MAPS, the first anti-spam company; PAIX, the first neutral commercial Internet exchange; and ISC, the home of BIND and F-root.

He is the inventor of several Internet DNS and security related technologies including RPZ (DNS firewall), DNS RRL (response rate limiting), NCAP (passive network telemetry toolset), TSIG (DNS transaction signatures), and other works that time has forgotten. Dr. Vixie earned his PhD from Keio University on DNS related work. He is a founding member of ICANN SSAC and RSSAC, and he served on the ARIN board from 2005-2013.


Paul Vixie var med som talare på ett tidigare Internetdagarna