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23-24 november 2020

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”It is possible to heal the internet”

William Binney is the intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency who turned whistleblower. Meet him at the Internet Days in Stockholm!

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William Binney has worked as a highly placed intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency, but turned whistleblower and resigned after more than 30 years.

–At first, it was simply the outright breaking of our laws and violation of our constitution by Spying on US citizens. We were the first to be bulk collected (both content and metadata). That was followed by the Department of Justice trying to frame us to put us in jail. That was between 2007 and the end of 2009. That was the last straw. That’s when it became clear that we had to go public. Up to that point, we were working inside the US government to try to get things fixed.

Can you tell us a little about your role as Technical Director of Code Red, what is it that you do?

–I will contribute technical expertise to Code Red efforts; and, try to point out technical pitfalls that we, the public, need to be aware of to help protect privacy and also help define things to add to laws to help control the intelligence agencies in the world that are cooperating in destroying the foundations of our democracies.

In Stockholm the plan is to discuss how to protect privacy and push back against draconian surveillance and security laws. How can we fight for privacy and individual rights today? Is it even possible to “heal” the internet?

–It is possible to heal the internet; but, it won’t be easy given the massive start the intelligence agencies have had in tapping and implanting devices in the network. This has to be a multi front approach including: public opinion, changing laws where necessary, prosecuting violators even if in abstention, putting international business on the spot by forcing them to testify under oath in a public forum/court of law, publicly addressing the technology myths promulgated by the intelligence agencies to destroy their ability to manipulate governments and the public, and finally, showing how to do the job right by focused collection of data and giving privacy to innocent People In the world.

What could I as an internet user concerned with the future of internet freedom do to contribute to Code Red, or the cause in general?

–We are just getting started but certainly supporting Code Red (verbal, financial, e-mails/letters/ phone calls to members of parliament) in any way will help; especially, making concerns to government officials around the world will put pressure on them to reform what they have been doing and start to do their real jobs to stop terrorism and international crime before attacks are committed.

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